Inertia Safety Limited

Mature Business Solutions

As businesses grow they face different challenges.  New business activities, processes and equipment can lead to addition hazards and risks in the workplace. We can help your company maintain good standards of health and safety performance by offering a range of health and safety services.  Our partnership approach means that we get to know your company before offering solutions to ensure that we provide the most effective and efficient service.

Inertia Safety can provide:

  • Risk assessments for new equipment and processes
  • Health and safety training for new employees
  • Risk assessments for vulnerable employees, such as pregnant or young workers can be especially at risk from work activities
  • Help with managing risks through the implementation of a structured health and safety management system - demonstrate to your company's clients that you are serious about health and safety by having a certified health and safety system in place
  • Competent person services - designate us as your competent adviser, and we can be there to help with any health and safety queries and keep you up to date with changes in legislation
  • Incident investigations - if an accident occurs and you want an impartial view on the root cause
  • Hazard specific and bespoke health and safety training - we can tailor courses to your business activities

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