Inertia Safety Limited

Health and Safety Survey

We have developed a free tool to review the health and safety issues within your business that are most likely to be looked at by a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Inspector. Under the Fee For Intervention (FFI) cost recovery scheme, the HSE will try to recover their costs where a material breach of health and safety legislation has been made. This means that your company could be charged £124 per hour without having been taken to court. Completing this bench marking questionnaire will help to highlight poor risk control in the main areas that the HSE Inspectors charge for under the FFI scheme.

If you choose to complete the health and safety benchmarking tool, your responses will be treated confidentially. Once you have completed the questionnaire we will email the results to you together with some helpful tips on how you could improve health and safety in your workplace, where gaps in risk control measures are identified. This survey is based on a discrete set of hazards that are commonly found to be poorly controlled in many companies. This survey is not a replacement for a detailed health and safety audit. No warranty is given regarding the outcome of the questionnaire or email associated with the results of the questionnaire, neither of which should be considered as "competent advice", which can only be given on a case by case basis with a detailed understanding of the company.

To try the survey click the following link - FREE HEALTH AND SAFETY SURVEY