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Safety Management Systems - Act

Management Review

This is a strategic review and you should ensure that you don't get bogged down in detail.  The management review looks back at all of the activities of the management system and with the objectives of the system firmly in mind, looks critically for opportunities for improvements to the system.

The type of information that could be reviewed during a management review meeting includes:

  • Reviewing actions from previous management reviews.
  • Looking at the results of compliance reviews and audits.
  • Examining health and safety performance trends and indicators.
  • Reviewing significant corrective or preventive actions.
  • Looking for changes that might impact on the health and safety management system (e.g. changes in legislation).
  • Determining the degree to which the system objectives have been achieved.

The outcomes of the meeting may be:

  • Changes to the health and safety policy statement or system procedures.
  • Additional training.
  • Communication on "hot topics".
  • Changes to the system requirements e.g. objectives, indicators or the adoption of industry association guidance.
  • Increased resourcing in some key areas.
  • New reporting initiatives.
  • Changes to roles and responsibilities.

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